Metalworking from components
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Tube bending

We use a CNC machine for bending metal and pipes. Our advanced, versatile bending machines can produce both standard and variable-radius bends. We can also handle oval and rectangular materials and tube end shaping. We make precision bends in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper.

Tube bending equipment

Equipment for tube bending in various materials such as copper, aluminium and steel:

  • BLM E-turn 2011 tube bender
  • BLM E-turn 2006 tube bender
  • Herber 45 CNC + robotic handling, diameter 10-45 mm
  • Herber SBM 40, diameter 10-40 mm
  • Herber SBM 2B, U-bending c-c 180 - 2000 mm, max 95o
  • Tauring Slalom 50CNC9V

Areas of use

Tube bending - Equipment
Tube bending - Furniture
Tube bending - Consumer goods
Consumer goods
Tube bending - Railings

Customers and references

Quality guardrails from a familiar supplier

Quality guardrails from a familiar supplier

Sandvik Mining and Construction is part of the Sandvik Group and a leading provider of equipment and services for the mining industry, with five manufacturing plants in various parts of Finland. The plant makes mining equipment, such as loading machines and dumpers for underground mines. Varax Solutions has been supplying this plant since 2011.
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